Friday, January 13, 2006

A Strong Mother

Today I went to the Sakie Yokota's lecture which was holded at Goucher hall in Aoyama Univ.

You miight know who Saikie Yokota is. She is a mother of Megumi Yokota, who was kidnapped by a N.Korean spy ,and is still missing.

Actualy, I was not goning to this lecture, because I have some exams and reports coming up, but my firend asked me to go with, so I decided to go.
Due to the train's acciednt, I and my friends arrived at the hall for 30 minutes delay. Yeah, I was right to go. I was really impressed with her talk.

When I sat at the chair, and listened to her talk, I was drew into her voice.

What a hard life did she survive since her daugter disappeared!
If my family went missing, how can I bear it, how can I wait for over 20

Those things was running in my mind.

Even though she is 69 years old, her voice had strength and was full of will. All she wants is that Megumi will come back safely, and N. Korean people(not in high positon and rich, but starving and is facing to death) will be free from suffering.

When the lecture finished, I couldn't say anything for a while because I was shocked of my poor understanding of this affair.

I have to study abduction by N.Korean more and more, that is a duty as a Japanese.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Interview part2

This is continued from the last contribution.

Q.6 What is the good point of Japan?
A; It's difficult to choose one, but I am always impressed with the traditional culture, like Kimono, pottery, of course , food.
I think you, Japanese, should be more proud of that.

Q7. To the contrary what is the bad point of Japan?
A; Some old people are chilly to foreigner, like me. When I went to conveiencestoroe near my house, I don't know why ,but some people stared at me very often, and they said nothing.
I feel so strange.

Q8. Did it disgust you?
Only once, I said to them "What? Is there something on my face?" with a little bit angry, but they just turned their faces away from me and didn't say anything since then. I got a lesson from the experiexce. For some Japanese people, foreigner are unsual for their lives, so I try to ignore their eyes since then.

Q9. What is the Japanese custom that other countries sould learn?
I think wsaiters and clerks inevery restaurant and strore is well educated , kind ,and amialbe, but in other contries, they are not .
So, I want other countries to learn that thing.

Q10. How many times did you regret coming to Japan?
Never. I felt homesick when I was a student, but getting used to life, I could discover a lot things ,and those things always inspired me.
So, I never regert to come here.

Interview part1

“Interview of a non-Japanese citizen about their life in Japan”, this was homework of my English class.
I was trouble with who I should choose!
After thinking a lot, I made up my mind to interview with a English teacher,whose name is Thomas, and he teaches at a English conversation school which I used to go.

The quetions and the answers are below.

Q1. When did you come to Japan?
A ; About 20 years ago, I was a college student , and I came to Japan to study Japanese culutrue.

Q2. what was the most impressive thing that you felt first?
A; I felt wairers in restaurnts were so kind and amiable. That was impressing for me.

Q3. Then what was the most shocking thing that you felt?
A: It was dirty cuty air. I had imagined that Tokyo was beautiful place,but I was so disappointed when I breathed and saw crowded streets.

Q4. Could you get used to Japanese food soon?
A; Most foods were O.K even Sashimi, but only Natto was not.
I still can' t eat it. I hate the smell of it.…Fermented soybeans、Ick!!

Q.5  What did you have trouble in Japanese life style.
A: I was s embarrassed at the shape of toilet,because there was no part to sit, I was wondering how could I evacuate!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


this ward means "food" in Spanish.

Recently,I often think that I'm so happy and lucky.
Why? Because everyeveryeveryday I can eat declicous and nutritious food.
If you feel a little bit hugry, just go to a covenience store.
With ¥500, you can buy anything that makes you full.
When you home, and if you live with your family, comida will be ready.

I've never worried like " Can I find something to eat today?"
Except rich countries, that kind of thing is daily and pressing problem, like Africa.

I know that no matter how much I imagine such a thing , I can never experience the real fear of starvation.
But, I can thank for our daily bread (rice), life without starvation, and peace.
I think those things, most of people in rich countries always forget.

Lock Back 2005

Looking at the calender, we have already been in 2006! How fast time passes!
What kind of things did happen in 2005? I found an interesting article, which is about Key Wards in 2005. It feautures what ward does use often in newspaper in 2005.
O.K ,let's see a part of it,
From Februrary to April, "mission" was used in many times.
Like, "some of them turned violent, causing damage to Japanse diplomatic missions and commercial facilities. "

You can understand what this sentence means. Yes ,it is about anti-Japanese demonstration in China.
"mission" is often used as "operation", but in that kind of news, it is used like "diplomatic mission(在外公館)" .
The reason why diplomatic mission widely used is that riots attacked not only embassy but also consulate, and ambassador's residence.
Related to this affair, "demonstration" and "protest" and etc. was used so many times.

Japanese Korean

Hi, it's been long time! I 've forget to renew this blog so long, sorry Mr. SR.
By the way, do you know that there are many celebrities in Japan, who are so called "Japanese Korean".
Like Akiko Wada, Akira Nishikino, Rikidouzan, Hibari Misora and so on .
But those pepole hardly reveal that thing, rather they try to keep it secret.
Why? Because the prejudice against Japanse Korean still exist in Japan, so it might be disadvantageous that thier paretns came from Korea.

Even though these people have amaizing talent, they might have suffered from their birthplace. It is easy to imagine their pain.

Monday, October 17, 2005

I AM Dr.

Hekkshon! Woops, I guess I catch a cold, and I've got a bad tooth. What a unlucky day is today!
By the way, do you know why I use "Dr. Mosh" as a handle name? I tell you why. Uh, You don't like to hear? Oh please, I just wanna tell you!
Simply put, Dr. means 'drums", yes, I am a drummer of a band called " Mosh Factory." The band consists of vocal, a guitar, bass, keybords, and me, drums. It has been a year and six months since Mosh Factory formed. Mainly we played rock music. Last year, we had played cover songs, but, now we play our original songs.
If you want more information, check out this website

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Woo, Junchan, you did again.....

Hi, it's kei , no Dr.Goro. I found a news that Prim minister Koizumi visited Yasukuni shrine on Monday. I can't judge easily Koizumi's action was right or not, but considering relationship to other countries, like China,Korea, his behavior will make the argument again. I understand Koizumi's saying that to visit Yaskuni shrine means expressing sympathy for the war dead, and he does't praise the revival of war-time Japan rather, he hates militarism. However, sadly, people don't understand his real intension. About Yasukuni problem, he is the target of the criticize.
Mr. Koizmuni, I wish you to think about your behavior carefuly.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


HI,how are you. Welcome to HAHAHA. Enjoy yourself.